Portraits – Rouben Mamoulian, Henri Verneuil, Ara Vahuni, analysis of old and new films, meetings with filmmakers visiting Armenia – Emir Kusturica, Roman Balayan, reflections on film festivals held in Yerevan, namely “Golden Apricot”, “It’s Me”…
Men of the world of films present interesting stories, known and unknown films off-screen.
Frequency: Friday, at 22:20
Rerun: Saturday, at 12:40

Ernest Martirosyan

The handwriting that stage director introduced in the Armenian cinematography of 60-ies was fresh and daring. His friends recollect his speeches at café “Stork (Aragil)”, which was bringing together the most advanced and rebellious young people of the time…
“Charles Aznavour Singing”, “Journey to Erzrum”, “Years of Hunger”, “Oriental Dentist”: Ernest Martirosyan offscreen.

Yervand Manaryan

“You have to treat your spectators with conscience; they come first, while you and you – last, this is the right way to live”: Yervand Manaryan, Merited Artist of Armenia shares his contemplations with us offscreen.

Grigor Melik-Avagyan

“What's All the Noise of the River about?”, “Mother’s Heart”, “Heart Singing”: all these films and recognized and loved by the Armenian audience. Friends of filmmaker Grigor Melik-Adamyan tell about him, namely film director Ruben Gevorgyants and Grigor Harutyunyan, film cameraman Levon Atoyants, National Artist of Armenia Guzh Manukyan, Merited Artist of Armenia Emanvel Manukyan.

Eric Nazarian

“In our house, the photographs of Sophia Loren, Marlon Brando and many more starts had their important places next to our family photos. When I was still a little kid, I thought they were my relatives”, - says screenwriter, film director Eric Nazarian.
The American Armenian film director considers his photos as small letters addressed to people...

Arsine Khanjian

“In cinematograpy, it’s impossible to think of Atom Egoyan and Arsine Khanjian separate. This is one of these exceptional cases, when artist creating in other cultures, never loses touch with national characteristics”,- says film critic Garegin Zakoyan.
Peculiar actress of world cinematography Arsine Khanjian shares her thoughts on art, movie, creative paths and today’s reality of Armeni with our crew.


Arus Asryan

National artist, renowned actress of Armenian stage – Arus Asryan is remembered with love and owe by the students of V. Achemyan -now artists of an older generation. Ms. Arus was as quiet and silent in real life as stormy she was on stage. As Yervand Ghazanchyan says, playing on the stage with Arus Asryan was a much bigger school than studying in any higher educational institution. Vahram Papazyan characterized the actress as follows: “Arus Asryan’s play is featured by its flexibility, vivid rhythm and preference of marked characters: а fine soubrette and at the same time a comedian”.
The program is dedicated to the 100th anniversary of Arus Asryan.


Martin Vardazaryan

Martin Vardazaryan, National Artist of Armenia, stepped into movie world accidentally, which then turned to be fatal… The music written for the films “Hello, this is Me”, “Saroyan Brothers”, “Labor”, “Solitary Walnut Tree”, “Live Long”, as well as for a number of documentaries and animations is one of the abundant pages of his creative life filled with interesting memories. Maestro himself, his old-time friends, National Artist of Armenia Hrachya Gasparyan, Alexander Grigoryan and Merited Worker of Art Yervand Yerznkyan tell about all these events.


Rouben Mamoulian

Rouben Mamoulian - stage and film director, creator of “Becky Sharp” (1935), first full-length feature technicolor film, innovator in cinematography, lived and created in the US. “The world is a theatre, and people are actors, the most important thing that matters is to perform well regardless the quality of the play”, - said the classic of cinematography.The play “Rouben Mamoulian and the Rest” lasted for 90 years. Its hero experienced joy and bitterness; he managed to create some unsurpassable films of the times – “Applause”, “Queen Christina”, “Silk Stockings”… The program presents the life and career of Rouben Mamoulian, as well as exclusive shots from his visit to Armenia. Artsvi Bakhchinyan, film critic participated in the program.

Roman Balayan

“Flights in Dream and Reality”, “Kashtanka”, “Biryuk”, “Save Me, My Charm”...
Films of Roman Balayan are famous and loved by different generations. They reflect the breath of the time and values of various social groups. Our compatriote now lives and creates in Kiev. He is the most vivid personality of modern Ukrainian cinematography. Balayan is also known for his exquisite and high taste screen adaptations of Russian classic literature. He was with us offscreen for several hours…


Vladimir Msryan

The contribution of Vladimir Msryan, RA National Artist, is really immense in the Armenian stage craft. He played numerous roles – from the clown to king, never giving up his principles. In cinematography he remained as irreplaceable Paganini, and in the theatre – as Herostratus, while in real life he is a simple and ordinary Vladimir Msryan. His friends tell about him offscreen.
Guzh Manukyan, RA National Artist
Levon Igityan, RA Merited Artist
Karen Janibekyan, RA National Artist
Valeri Tumasyan
Mais Mkhitaryan, painter
Tigran Khzmalyan, film director


After ShavarshVardanyan, camera operator, director, returned from Leningrad, he was hired by “HayFilm” (Armenian Movies). Not long after, the Artsakh movement was started. In 1988-90-ies, from the very first days of Artsakh heroic battle, he took his video camera and went to the front line of battle. At present, owing to him, we have around 1200 hours of documentary materials from the period of war. The camera operator himself tells off-screen about the creation of that exceptional documentary.

Henri Verneuil

Henri Verneuil (Ashot Malakian) is familiar to Armenian audience by his film “Mayrig (Mother)”. In 2010 his family was in Armenia. Golden Apricot International Film Festival granted him posthumous award for his contribution to cinema. Patrick, son of Henri Verneuil, worked as an assistent in the film. “It was very difficult to work with my father”, - recalls Patrick. “Offscreen” tells about the house of Verneuil-Malakian and creation of the film “Mayrig”, there are exclusive shots from the film used in the TV program.