Portraits – Rouben Mamoulian, Henri Verneuil, Ara Vahuni, analysis of old and new films, meetings with filmmakers visiting Armenia – Emir Kusturica, Roman Balayan, reflections on film festivals held in Yerevan, namely “Golden Apricot”, “It’s Me”…
Men of the world of films present interesting stories, known and unknown films off-screen.
Frequency: Friday, at 22:20
Rerun: Saturday, at 12:40

Khoren Abrahamyan

He was passionate on stage, charming in the movies, as he used to say, a simple and real citizen of Yerevan in life. Close friends tell about the great artist out of the stage. 

Verjaluys Mirijanyan

With warm, kind and delicate humor. This is how the people of Sundukyan theater remember People's Artist Verjaluys Mirijanyan.

Tadevos Saryan

Tadevos Saryan- Tatik, Mathos of "The Master and Servant" in the theater, cinema, at backstage- in real life. Sergey Arakelyan and Siranuysh Galstyan are talking about Tadevos Saryan. 

Tumanyan in the language of cinema

How were Hovhannes Tumanyan's works told in the language of cinema?

Arman Kotikyan

Arman Kotikyan has played episodic roles in Armenian cinema, but all of them are emphatic and impressive. In everyday life, Kotikyan was also sensitive and demanding, the artist dressed neatly and tastefully could not be confused with anyone else on the street.



Amasi Martirosyan

The films "Mexican Diplomats", "01-99", "Gikor" are famous and popular. And how Amasi Martirosyan, being an officer of the Russian army, appeared in the cinema, tells his granddaughter Gayane Martirosyan.



Gayane Martirosyan

"The animator must be able to tell the story in such a way tha it becomes a conversation with children".


Rafayel Kotanjyan

“I am happy because my meeting with audience has always taken place. Whay do I have to say? I still have to express my say, but how and when, I still don’t know. Maybe it’s even better that I don’t know.”
National Artist of Armenia Rafayel Kotanjyan tells about his creative life offscreen.

Armenian Cinematography: First Republic

Every film is the reflection and document of its own era; the evaluation of historical events years after are changing. How much did the Armenian films made during Soviet era managed to maintain and describe the internal political situation of the First Republic? The TV program series “Offscreen” addresses the films “Delivery”, “Saroyan Brothers”, “Kikos”, “Mexican Diplomats” and “Orchestra Boys”. 

Dilakian Brothers

“The cartoon “Found Dream” was created nearly four decades ago and now lives its own life”, say Dilakian brothers, - “we are happy that our only work is so much loved and recognizable, no matter that we are left offscreen”. 
Dilakians live in New York. The brothers tell about their appearance in Hye Film, what encounters changed their lives, would they ever return to shooting more cartoons etc. 


Arman Manaryan

The films “Tjvjik”, “Karine”, “Heghnar Water Spring”, “Earth and Gold”, “Comrade Panjuni” authored by Arman Manaryan are among the most significant compositions of the Armenian cinematography. Arman Manaryan’s friends Stepan Shakaryan, Robert Matevosyan, Levon Atoyants, Vrezh Petrosyan tell about the activities, hardships and successes of the film producing procecess. 

Lilit Hovhannisyan

Lilit Hovhannisyan was not an actor by profession, but the movies where she acted have been foreven encarved in the history of Armenian cinema: “The Heart is Singing”, “What's All the Noise of the River about?”, “01-99”, “The Mystery of Mountain Lake”. How she ever emerged into cinema: her cousins and daughter tell about it. Humorous, charming and unpredictable; this is how Lilit Hovhannisyan is remembered offscreen.