Portraits – Rouben Mamoulian, Henri Verneuil, Ara Vahuni, analysis of old and new films, meetings with filmmakers visiting Armenia – Emir Kusturica, Roman Balayan, reflections on film festivals held in Yerevan, namely “Golden Apricot”, “It’s Me”…
Men of the world of films present interesting stories, known and unknown films off-screen.
Frequency: Friday, at 22:20
Rerun: Saturday, at 12:40

Vardan Achemian

Renowned theatre worker, director, National Artist of USSR Vardan Achemian contributed greatly to the history of Armenian theatre. Achemian studied in Russia guided by Stanislavski, Nemerovich-Danchenko. However, he returned to Armenia and became one of the founders of Drama Theatre of Leninakan... It is here that he staged his first plays with a splendid and accentuated style so typical for him – “At the Bottom”, “Honorable Beggars”, “Ara the Beautiful”, “Twelfth Night” etc. At the stage of Sundukyan Theatre, the works “Baghdasar Akhbar” and “My Heart is in the Highlands” were distinguished for their lucid artistic and psychological exposures. Students of the grand master share their memories offscreen.
Ruben Gevorgyants, RA National Artist, film director
Nikolay Tsaturyan, RA National Artist, producer
Jean Nshanian, artist
Vardan Achemian, RA Merited Worker of Art, composer
Levon Mutafian, RA Merited Worker of Art, theatre critic


''It’s Me'' 2012

International Youth Film Festival ''It's Me (Yes em)'' opens it doors to the young film directors for the 7th time. The film festival is a wonderful opportunity for young people to present new films and make new connections.


Yuri Yerznkyan

The creative life of film director Yuri Yerznkyan, the films from Armenian cinematography bearing his unique handwriting have not yet lost their reality. These films are "Khatabala", "The Song of First Love", "The Mourning Snow", etc....

Hovhannes Galstyan

Hovhannes Galstyan is a film director and producer. In 2005 he established Parellels Film Production company. He has three international film projects for the coming three years -- "The Half Moon Bay", director Marine Zakaryan, "Lucid Space", director Hovhannes Galstyan and "Lost Birds", director Aren Perdetsi. The film "Bonded Parellels" produced in 2009 is the first Armenian film which was a product of a coopetation of three countries -- Armenia, France and Norway. The film took part in a number of international festivals and won more than a dozen of prizes.

Stepan Andranikyan

The selection of Armenian films, such as "We and Our Mountains", "Tjvjik", "Delivery" is well-known to and already loved by several generations. The production designer of these films is Stepan Andranikyan."The Color of Pomegranate" by Parajanov became a turning point in his artistic career.... The creation of Armenian school of animationfilm owes much to the endeavours of our hero. He is the author of cartoons "A Penguin Named Vin", "The Bride of Sun", "The Magic Lavash". StepanAndranikyan remembers the creation process of all films, working with renowned film directors...
StepanAndranikyan, RA People's Artist,
YervandManaryan, RA Distinguished Artist

Ara Vahuni

In 1960-s, a group of revolutionary young film directors entered the stage of documentary films. This was a revival of the documentary film and gaining of national shape. A new film-language was emerged with the films "The Voice of America", "Elegy", "Self-portrait", "The Curtain Doesn't Fall", "Family Tree" of Ara Vahuni. He was also a man of pen, in the recent years of his life his novels "A Scary Tale" and "Dog Life" were published.
The participants:
Ruben Gevorgyants, film director, National Artist of Armenia
Davit Muradyan, film expert, writer
Ara Mnatsakanyan, film director