Staff of the Matenadaran Restoration Department at the Jerusalem Manuscript Library

Three employees of the recovery department of the Yerevan Library have recently returned from Jerusalem. In the manuscript store attached to the Armenian Patriarchate, they did their best to save the valuable books from decay with a full work schedule. 

Andranik Margaryan after the 44-day war

Andranik Margaryan is a participant of the 44-day war. He served in one of the military units of Jrakan as the head of the armament service. Seven bullets hit the body on the front line, one is still in the lung.  Andranik's spinal cord was damaged by a gunshot.  We spent a day with his family in Artashat- not putting up with mobility restrictions, Andranik bought a car and decided to adapt it to his needs.

Petros Efenjian after the 44-day war

Petros Efenjian is a participant in the 44-day war.  He was injured in Karvachar, suffered a spinal cord injury. We spent a day with Petros at their house in Ara village of Kotayk region. After the war, Petros's life continues, with a wheelchair, a photo camera, and many plans for the future.

Spiritual Border guard- Khoranashat

Khoranashat, one of the most significant monastic complexes of medieval Armenia, is 800 years old.  Today, the monastery in Tavush marz is also a border guard.

Our Chinari

In Chinari village on the border of Tavush, we talked with young and old, we heard about their worries and dreams.

Doctrinal staff was granted to Fr. Harutyun Tamatyan

On June 11, Father Harutyun Tamatyan, a member of the Armenian Patriarchate of Constantinople, was ordained a priest in St. Mesrop Mashtots Church in Oshakan. The following day, Fr. Harutyun was received by the Patriarch of All Armenians.

A candle- lighting hall is being built in the territory of Holy Etchmiadzin Cathedral

In parallel with the renovation of the Mother Cathedral, the construction of the candle-lightning hall is ongoing. The newly built hall covers an area of ​​about 900 square meters.

The member of the Armenian Patriarchate of Constantinople defended the doctrinal thesis in Etchmiadzin

The investigative commission gave a positive conclusion to the defense of the doctrinal thesis of Rev. Father Harutyun Tamatyan. Father Harutyun will be awarded the degree of doctrine.

Students of the Armenian school of Alforville, France in the Mother See of Holy Etchmiadzin

The French-Armenian children tell the Patriarch of All Armenians about their daily life, study, present what they know about Holy Etchmiadzin. They study in "S. Mesrop Arapian” Armenian College.

Sportland in "Eurnekian" Public School

At the end of the school year, Sportland was held at the Eurnekian School acting under the auspices of the Mother See. The coaches are convinced that sportland is the best way to check a child's fitness.

May 28 -The day of the eight-hundred-year-old Pilgrimage of Khoranashat

From May 28 to 30, events dedicated to the 800th anniversary of Khoranashat, one of the most famous medieval monastic centers, were held in the border village of Chinari, Tavush region.
 The "Gospel of Tavsho or Khoranashat" written in 1224 in Khoranashat was brought here from the Matenadaran.

Ascension Day in St. Gevork Church in Noragavit

Members of the "Ladies' Union" of St. Gevork Church in Noragavit and Sunday School students have been preparing for the feast since early morning. The churchyard was cleaned and decorated, colorful wreaths were woven, and the milk soup with rice, the symbol of the Ascension Day, was set on fire.