The damaged parts of the bell tower of the cathedral are being restored

The ceiling of the cathedral bell tower has carved parts. They and the images of apostles Paul and Peter are damaged, which are currently being repaired by specialists. In addition, the arches are damaged, outside the frescoes are very quickly damaged by rain and sun. The restoration will take several months.

The Holy Trinity Church was reopened with great solemnity in Toronto

The consecration ceremony was performed by Bishop Abgar Hovakimyan, Primate of the Armenian Diocese of Canada. Under the singing, the spiritual class and believers entered the renovated church. The holy father re-consecrated the main altar, the adjacent altars, the baptismal font, the pillars, the newly made candlelight table and the icon.

The Lebanese “Association of Religious Women" helped the people of Artsakh

The Lebanese Association of Religious Women of Holy Etchmiadzin distributed aid to Artsakh families under the care of Gugark Diocese in the form of name packages with the names of all family members. Each family was also given financial aid. The chairman of the association met the people of Artsakh in the St. Grigor Narekatsi Presbyterian Church of Vanadzor.

Christianity is a vast civilization in the 21st century

Tovmas Arakelyan, responsible for the youth of the Diocese of Tavush, told the discussion organized by Newmag publishing house that faith is a struggle, a help, a challenge. And in the 21st century, Christianity is not only a religion, but also a huge civilization. This year, Tovmas Arakelyan published his first book, "The Road", which tells about the Armenian Apostolic Church through small trips.

Armenian churches were especially full on the Resurrection Day this year

In the Saint Gregory the Illuminator Cathedral of Yerevan, the Catholicos of All Armenians Karekin II noticed that especially in difficult and hard situations, faithful are strengthened by the grace of Resurrection. The Patriarch urged not to fall in the front of plagued trials, not to act with a defeatist mentality and not to turn into a depressed and weak nation, endangering the future and independent statehood of the motherland. All Armenians read the Patriarch's Easter message in all Armenian churches.

The Armenian Diocese of Georgia celebrated the Resurrection of Christ with great pomp

In the Armenian churches operating in the regions and villages of Tbilisi, Batumi, Samtskhe-Javakhk, Marneul, Tsalka and Tetritsgaro, the feast of the miraculous Resurrection of Jesus was celebrated with a large crowd and sacred ceremonies. State and public figures congratulated the Armenians of Georgia on the occasion of the Holy Resurrection.

Austin's Armenian community, which does not have a church, celebrated the Feast of the Resurrection in a Greek church

The feast of the miraculous resurrection of Christ was celebrated in the Armenian community of Austin. Although there is no church in the capital of the state of Texas, there is an Armenian church community. All services are held at St. Elias Greek Orthodox Church.

This Sunday, the Armenian Apostolic Church will celebrate the Feast of the Holy Resurrection

In the evening of Holy Week, candlelight services will be held in churches. At the end of the liturgy, after the pre-holiday ceremony, the priest fathers will announce the miraculous Resurrection of Christ. The Feast of the Resurrection begins with the candlelight liturgy. Sunday resurrection liturgies will be served in all functioning Armenian churches. The Catholicos of All Armenians will celebrate liturgy in Saint Gregory Church of Yerevan.

Lenten Meditation Service in the St. Gevork Church in Tbilisi

On the first day of Holy Week, in the St. Gevork church of Armenian Diocese of Georgia, His Grace Bishop Kirakos Davtyan, Primate of the Diocese presided over the Lenten Meditation service. The Armenian believers of Tbilisi joined the churchmen in joint prayer in the Presbyterian Church.

In all Armenian Apostolic Churches, a Betrayal Service was held

In Saint Gayane Monastery, the Catholicos of All Armenians, together with the Brotherhood of the Mother See, participated in the Betrayal Service. This ceremony is performed on Holy Thursday in all Armenian Apostolic churches. At the end of the day, the betrayal of Christ was mentioned. The last supper was over, the sacrament of communion was confirmed, the last messages of Christ were spoken.

The issues of Artsakh people during the Holy Week were in the center of attention

This year, with the blessing of the Catholicos of All Armenians, 600 children from Artsakh visited Holy Etchmiadzin with their parents on the occasion of Palm Sunday, were blessed, received gifts, and had lunch with the congregants of the Mother See.

An open liturgy was served in the Saint Gayane Monastery

In Armenian apostolic churches, an open liturgy was served and communion was given on Holy Thursday. Each day of Holy Week has its own sacrament and ritual. Confirmation of the communion sacrament is mentioned. The gospel readings at the liturgy describe the events that took place on the last Thursday evening of Jesus' earthly life. At the supper, Christ takes the bread from the table, blesses it, distributes it to the disciples, then distributes wine, offering his body and blood as holy signs of the new covenant.