The best specialists from 16 countries of the world are participating in the International Congress of Armenian Studies

On the initiative of the Mashtots Matenadaran, an International Congress of Armenian Studies is being held in Armenia on July 19-22, in which major scientific centers of the world participate. The Congress can become an international platform for the promotion of Armenian Studies. Around 40 authoritative Armenologists and medievalists, representatives of spiritual-manuscript centers from Antilias, Zmmar, Venice, Vienna, Jerusalem will present the modern centers of Armenology, the challenges and perspectives of Armenology for three days.

In New York, the cross of the dome of St. Vardan Cathedral was consecrated and installed

The consecration ceremony of the cross took place following the Liturgy. This is the third cross erected on the shrine, the first one was installed in 1968, when the cathedral was built, then it was replaced on the 25th anniversary of the cathedral in 1993. The new cross was consecrated in the square in front of the cathedral. 6 members of the diocesan committees dealing with the construction and fundraising of the temple sprinkled the cross with wine, Bishop Mesrop Parsamyan blessed and anointed it.

The Catholicos of All Armenians referred to the termination of the teaching of church history in schools

At the meeting with the members of the youth unions of Aragatsotn Diocese, the Catholicos of All Armenians regretfully noted that the teaching of church history was stopped in schools. He noticed that children should be given the opportunity to study the history of the church to make the gospel messages a guide and core of life, as it has been in all times of history. The Patriarch drew the attention of young people to the portraits of church figures and noted that children should learn the values ​​created by them, thanks to which they were able to withstand all trials.

Summary news 01.07.2024

The Pope referred to the support provided to displaced people from Nagorno Karabakh
The exhibition opened in Lisbon presents the history of the oldest Armenian community in the Diaspora
On the occasion of the re-consecration of St. Stephen's Chapel in Ukraine, a Holy Liturgy was served
The street of the Holy Mother of God Armenian Church in the city of Zaporizhia is named Armenian Lane

A ceremony of the blessing of Holy Muron and the re-consecration of the Mother Cathedral will take place in the Mother See in autumn

On September 28 and 29, the ceremonies of the blessing of Holy Muron and the re-consecration of the Mother Church are planned. The 130-year-old cauldron of the Blessing of the Holy Muron is kept in the St. Vardan and St. John the Baptist Chapel-baptistery. It was cast at the end of the 19th century in one of the famous Moscow workshops. Gaspar Harutyunyan-Karapettoghlyan, a merchant from Nor Nakhichevan, donated the pot to the Mother See. The first muron was cooked in the pot with the blessing of Catholicos Mkrtich I Khrimyan.

The Catholicos of All Armenians received the priests participating in the Priest Accelerated Course

The Catholicos of All Armenians urged the priests participating in the Priest Accelerated Course to jointly reflect on the issues affecting the national life. His Holiness expressed concern regarding the challenges facing the country, social problems of Artsakh Armenians and dangerous manifestations of intolerance and hostility in the national life. He urged the priests to engage in overcoming the existing problems, strengthening and building the motherland with the involvement of their communities.

The annual joint pedagogical meeting of spiritual educational institutions of the Mother See was held

Currently, 62 students are studying in the higher educational institutions of the Mother See - Gevorgyan Seminary, Vazgenyan Seminary in Sevan, the Priest Accelerated course and Trbanchyan Seminary in Harich. His Holiness  urged the professors to maintain high quality of education, expressed his appreciation to the inspectorate, the entire teaching staff for their dedicated effort, blessed them to continue their mission in spiritual educational institutions.

In the Holy Mother of God church of Nork Marash, the Feast of the Discovery of St. Mary’s Box was celebrated

The Feast of the Discovery of St. Mary’s Box has appeared in the Armenian church calendar since the 18th century. In 1774, it was included in the calendar compiled by the Catholicos Simeon of Yerevan. The Armenian Apostolic Church celebrates the Mobile Feast on the fifth Sunday of Advent. During the year, the Armenian Church celebrates several holidays dedicated to Our Holy Mother of God.

The Catholicos of All Armenians received the pilgrims from Constantinople at the Mother See

The Catholicos of All Armenians Karekin II received the members of the district council of the Holy Church of Beyoglu region, who came to Armenia from Constantinople on a pilgrimage, at the Mother See. The group of Armenian pilgrims from Constantinople spent five days in Armenia, visited various holy places, got acquainted with the spiritual and historical cultural heritage of Armenia. The Beyoğlu district of  Constantinople is one of the most influential and Armenian-rich districts in terms of ethnicity, spirituality and culture.

A book about the legacy of German philanthropist Armin Wegner will be published

Manushak Markosyan, PhD student of Hamburg University, member of Wegner Society, wrote the thesis about Wegner's pro-Armenian activities. Wegner, a great friend of the Armenian people, and Patriarch Vazgen I met and corresponded by letter. In 1968, Armin Wegner visited Soviet Armenia at the invitation of the government and Holy Etchmiadzin. Wegnerologist Manushak Markosyan translated Wegner's letters. He studied them in the Marbach archive, where the personal archives of prominent German figures are stored.

On June 11, the meeting of the Supreme Spiritual Council was convened, chaired by the Catholicos of All Armenians

External threats and internal political developments facing the Motherland are discussed at the Mother See. Questions related to the re-consecration of Holy Etchmiadzin cathedral and the organization of the Blessing of the Holy Muron, ecclesiastical-ideological issues.

His Holiness the Patriarch urged the Canadian Armenians to speak out about the atrocities of Azerbaijan

The Catholicos of All Armenians urged the 40th annual congress of the Diocese of Canada, convened in the Holy Trinity Armenian Church in Toronto, to speak before the Canadian authorities about the Armenian persecution policy of Azerbaijan, to remind them about the occupied Artsakh, forcibly displaced Armenians, illegally held prisoners and the destruction of Armenian culture in Artsakh. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau sent greetings and best wishes to the participants of the conference.