Within one story. Perch Zeytuntsyan "One of every ten"

Perch Zeytuntsyan is better known as a novelist, his plays are also known.
However, few people know that Zeytuntsyan wrote short stories, especially in the early creative years. Zeytuntsyan's 1956 The first book he published, "His First Friend" is a collection of short stories. The 3 books that follow it are also collections of short stories.
On the "Parallel Readings" program, literary critics Hayk Hambardzumyan and Arkmenik Nikoghosyan discuss Perch Zeytuntsyan's story "One of Every Ten".

The people and the rulers

After the 44-day war, the society cannot find itself again. The defeat, the concessionary policy of the government, the lack of resistance has led to public apathy. Society has lost faith in its resources, as a result of which the consequences of defeat are more devastating. When you lose faith, you are already defeated. How to stand up and overcome the psychology of the loser, how to overcome the division? Anna Sargsyan discussed the topic with psychologist Davit Hayrapetyan.

New strategy of education and science. part 149

How to overcome functional illiteracy?
Newmag publishing house recently published businessman Gor Karapetyan's Proactive Leader book, which calls for a joint search for solutions, to overcome functional illiteracy, to raise the low level of social responsibility and education. The author emphasizes the importance of bringing about positive change through functional leadership, mentoring, and caring. Gor Karapetyan is in the pavillion. 

Frescoes of Akhtala monastery

Rev. Fr. Hetum Tarverdyan published the treasures of the Akhtala monastery
In the Komitas Museum-Institute, the presentation of the book "Mural Paintings of the Holy Mother of God church of Akhtala" by  Rev. Fr. Hetum Tarverdyan took place. The book tells about the frescoes of the monastery, patrons and masters who created them. At the "Artfocus" pavillion, the author told about the work of Rev. Fr. Hetum Tarverdyan, dedicated to the 800-year-old wall paintings with an area of ​​960 square meters preserved in the Holy Mother of God Monastery of the Akhtala monastery complex, one of the priceless gems of Armenian and world architecture and culture. The program was hosted by Anahit Margaryan.

Reed flute cut. M. Metsarents "I will be, I will be"

Misak Metsarents' "I'll be, I'll be" series of the "Nor Tagher" collection includes only three poems, but it is not only well-known and loved, but also received various comments. Why did the author single out such a series? Couldn't his other works find a place in that series? Literary experts Hayk Hambardzumyan and Arkmenik Nikoghosyan discuss the works of the Western Armenian poet.


The village of Paravakar, Tavush region, RA, is directly bordered by Azerbaijan. For more than 25 years, around 1,400 hectares of arable land in the village have been under enemy fire. How old people live and work, they tell themselves.

Nerkin Karmir Aghbyur

There have been many battles for this ancient village hidden in the rocks. Nerkin Karmir Aghbyur of Tavush region is known as the most shelled settlement since the 1990s. The villagers defended it and kept it Armenian. Our film crew is in the border Nerkin Karmir Aghbyur.


We are in Tigranashen village of Ararat region. What are the characteristics of a village? What do the people of Tigranashen know about the Azeri desire to occupy their village as an "enclave"?


We are in Yeraskh village of Ararat region. The residents of the village tell about the traditions, daily life, security problems and future of Yeraskh.

GREEN Educational Center

How can crops, types of tea and fruits be grown at home, in what soil, at what temperature can a healthy harvest be obtained? We found out at the GREEN educational center.

How to grow evergreen plants

This edition of the program "The land does not wait" tells about the differences and similarities in the cultivation of hundreds of species of firs, thuja, pines, and junipers.

Dutch Roses in the Getapnya Village

We discovered the secrets of planting, disinfecting, fertilizing and processing Dutch roses in Getapnya village of Aragatsotn region.