With the blessing of the Armenian Patriarch, the participant of the 44-day war will go to Canada for prosthetics

On September 19, Catholicos of All Armenians Karekin II met Arthur Hovhannisyan, who was disabled in the 44-day Artsakh war, at the Mother See of Holy Etchmiadzin. With the blessing of His Holiness and the support of the Armenian Diocese of Canada, the sergeant will leave for Canada to receive the necessary treatment and high-quality prosthetics.

The children's choir of Tavush

From September 5 to 11, the "Starmus" international festival of scientific communication and art was held in Yerevan, one of the most memorable and bright points of which was the performance of the Tavush Diocese Children's Choir. "Artfocus" hosted Bishop Bagrat Galstanyan, Primate of the Diocese of Tavush, and Maria Galstanyan, choir director. Anahit Margaryan moderated the conversation.Next, cultural news.

Renovation of the stage-board of Mother Cathedral of Holy Etchmiadzin

Painters-restorers are currently restoring the paintings of the Cathedral landing and staircase ornaments. Construction gates have already been removed in some parts of the Cathedral, allowing visitors to enter the Cathedral grounds.

Paternal House

The Gevorgian Theological Seminary of Holy Etchmiadzin is the only Theological University operating in Armenia. In 2002, by the decision of the Government of Armenia, the Gevorgian Theological Seminary was recognized as a higher educational institution, and since 2005, taking into account the quality of the educational programs, the seminary was granted a higher educational institution license. In 2016, for the first time in the history of the Seminary, a post-graduate classroom was opened, where both people with a spiritual degree and secular people can be admitted.
Throughout its existence, the Gevorgian Seminary and its students have always enjoyed the care and concern of the Patriarchs of All Armenians.

The phenomenon of photographer Gagik Harutyunyan

"Dialogue of Cultures" organization presents the retrospective exhibition "Inside the Moment" of Gagik Harutyunyan, a prominent representative of Armenian artistic photography, at the Museum of Armenian History. Journalist, screenwriter Tigran Paskevichyan and Sona Harutyunyan, founder president of the "Dialogue of Cultures" organization, talked about Gagik Harutyunyan's art and the upcoming exhibition in the "Artfocus" pavillion. Anahit Margaryan moderated the conversation.
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Feast of Exaltation in the Holy Cross Church in Arabkir

Holy Cross called churches are especially crowded during the Feast of Exaltation. His Grace Bishop Vardan Navasardyan, Primate of the Armenian Diocese of the Baltic States, performed the festive liturgy in the newly built Church of the Cross in the Arabkir community. 

Birthday Anniversary of the Holy Mother in the Holy Mother of God Church in Kanaker

On September 8, all Armenian churches celebrate the birthday of the greatest saint, the Holy Mother of God.

Journalists' tour in the Mother See and a briefing with the Grand Sacristan

On August 6, at the invitation of the Information System Department of the Mother See, a group of journalists from the Armenian media visited the Mother Church, got acquainted with the renovation process of the Etchmiadzin cathedral.  "In 2023, the 1720th anniversary of the Mother Cathedral must be celebrated. With God's mercy, we hope that the Cathedral will be reopened in a year," stated His Grace Bishop Mushegh Babayan, the Grand Sacristan of the Mother See.

Opera and Ballet Theater Today and Tomorrow

Acting director of the Opera and Ballet Theater named after Spendiaryan, conductor Karen Durgaryan spoke about the most important decisions, rebranding, staff shortage, the theater's main income sources, and the introduction of the subscription system during the administration of the new management of the theater in the "Artfocus" pavillion. Anahit Margaryan conducts the conversation.
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The Gospel of Sangibaran was brought to St. Shoghakat Church

For a decade, the clergy of the Armenian Church have been taking the miraculous Gospel of Sangibaran from the library of Yerevan Matenadaran to St. Shoghakat Church. The Gospel remains here until the end of the evening service.

For a year, the "Teacher of Love", Father Maghakia, has not been with us

On August 31, a memorial service dedicated to the death anniversary of Father Maghakia Amiryan was held at the Congregational Cemetery of the Mother See. On the same day, the presentation of Father Maghaki's doctrinal dissertation, "The Catholicosal See of All Armenians and Its Transfers" was held.

How and why the Puppet Theater started in the life of the Elbakians

How many performances are there in the repertoire of the Yerevan Puppet Theater, what inspires the artists to continue creating? The chief director of the Puppet Theater, honored artist Anna Elbakyan and the director of the theater Ruben Abrahamyan are hosted in "Artfocus". Anahit Margaryan conducts the conversation.
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