Hovel" musical production's first performance

"Hovel" music production was created this year in order to spread the rich musical heritage of Armenian spiritual culture. Within the framework of the "I ver" project, this group's inaugural performance was dedicated to the memory of the Armenians who died in the 44-day war. AGBU, Pan-ACYO supported their first performance. 

"Tekeyan" cultural union is celebrating the 30th anniversary of its activity in Armenia

The union was founded in Beirut in 1947. The offices of the Union operate in all the Armenian colonies of the world with the mission of preserving Armenians, strengthening the homeland-diaspora connection, popularizing Armenian culture. In the early 1990s, the union opened its doors in Armenia as well.

Armenian monuments included in the UNESCO lists are being digitized

The Research Center of Historical and Cultural Heritage, with the permission of the Mother See, carried out scanning and digitization works in the areas of Armenian monuments included in the UNESCO list, which are -the Mother See of Holy  Etchmiadzin with adjacent churches, Zvartnots, Geghardavank, Haghpat and Sanahin monastic complexes.

Ashtarak's social centers round out the year

The socio-educational centers operating under the auspices of Aragatsotn Diocese summarize the past year. The center adjacent to St. Mariane Church in Ashtarak, has been operating since 2015 and has had more than 300 beneficiary families.  The Saghmosavan Center was founded in 2019 and has 120 beneficiary families.

Some relics of Zvartnots Cathedral were presented in a performative exhibition

A part of the external wall vault of the first floor of the Zvartnots Cathedral was presented to the museum exhibition. The temporary exhibition in the Wine History Museum will be in operation for 2 years. 

Sunday school students celebrate the Feast of Apostles St. Thaddeus and St. Bartholomew

The students of the Sunday schools operating with the churches of the Araratian Patriarchate celebrate the feast of St. Thaddeus and St. Bartholomew the apostles.

International conference at YSU Faculty of History

Scientists and researchers representing the humanitarian spheres of Germany, Uruguay, Latvia, India, Russia and Armenia participated in the international conference on "Civilizations and Wars". Speakers presented reports on conflicts and cultural heritage damaged as a result.

Proto-Archimandrite Zakaria Baghumyan spoke on the topic of war and peace

The Student Council of the International Scientific and Educational Center of the National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Armenia has initiated a series of periodic meetings and lectures on current topics. The first meeting was with Proto-Archimandrite Zakaria Baghumyan, Director of the CEC center of Holy Etchmiadzin, the topic was "War and Peace".

Gata for the Soldier

Since 2020, the "Gata for the Soldier" initiative has become a tradition in the churches of the Masyatsotn Diocese. It is the idea of young people.  The priests who regularly go to the border bring home-made, fresh, delicious gata with them to the soldiers.

Biblical themed dolls as a means of art therapy

The dolls of the "Biblical Society of Armenia" - Noah, Moses, Abraham, Yeghia, Esther - are the handiwork of Srbuhi Movsisyan. Dolls with biblical themes have an art-therapeutic value.

The song-dance ensemble of Nork's Youth Center celebrates its 30th anniversary with a concert

The ethnographic song-dance ensemble "Haykazunk" of Nork's Youth Center is 30 years old. The ensemble celebrated the jubilee with a big festive concert on the stage of the main theater.

AGBU's 92nd general meeting was held in Armenia

On October 5-9, the AGBU 92nd General Meeting was held in Yerevan with the participation of more than 200 members from 25 countries. On October 8, the Catholicos of All Armenians Karekin II was also present at the conference. At the conclusion of the general meeting, the delegation participated in the Sunday Divine liturgy in the St. Gregory the Illuminator mother church.