The encirclement of Artsakh by Azerbaijan was a type of military operation. When it is not possible to capture the fortress, they close the entrances and exhaust, starve and despair those inside. Even after being in that difficult situation for 10 months, people were ready to endure and live in their land. But on September 19, the enemy launched an attack against unarmed and besieged Artsakh using all modern weapons and in large numbers. In terms of military equipment and numbers, Azerbaijan was many times superior to Artsakh, which resisted for a whole day. Added to that was the explosion near Stepanakert, which killed hundreds of people. People who have gone through all this experience collective and individual traumatic shock, post-traumatic mental disorders, complex psychological, socio-cultural stages of forced resettlement and adaptation. Anna Sargsyan discussed the topic with candidate of psychological sciences, associate professor Vitya Yaramishyan.
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